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Questionmarks and starry eyes

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Questionmarks and starry eyes

Post by Atsali »

Hi all.

So I'm looking to get into copywriting but as I'm unfamiliar with the territory besides the few jobs I've had so far, I'm rather clueless.

How do I preppare?

How do I begin?

What are some realistic expectations?

Of course many variants on these questions have been asked here before and I have been reading. A good trajectory to prepare would be to copy some copy, preferably by hand. When I've done that a few times, see if I can find something that I can try to improve upon (though I'm sure I'd have to find a pretty bad website before I can improve upon it). A course could also be useful and I've been googling. All the courses on offer are quite good at selling themselves (as copywriters ought to be) but I have some questions:
I want to start with writing for websites. So far I've done B2C, but I don't really mind trying B2B either. Does that change the copywriting course I should look for?
How can I recognise a quality course myself? Do you know of any?
What's a good price for a course? I've seen adds for a free course on copywriting, but nothing is ever actually free.

By the way, when I start copying copy, does it matter what kind? Should I only copy from website materials?

other ways I can actually learn proper copywriting and the process around it?

Another thing I need to do to prepare is get my portfolio and website in order. I'll ask for details about that when I get to it, but for now, I will simply start saving my work from my current job. That being said, if anyone here has a good example of a portolio and wants to share it, I'd be rather grateful.

Then there's the website. Fortunately my wife knows something about building a website. That reminds me; are copywriters also expected to do the website design?

When all that is ready; It's time to hunt for website copy that I feel I can improve upon. Contact them with some examples and some information about how I work, then hope they bite. I did see people mention email software where I can check whether the mails were opened and checking spam guidelines so my mails don't end up in the spam folder.

Are there any other ways to get the ball rolling on copy writing?

What is realistic to expect in terms of how quickly I will start getting some clients? How many copywriters can do their job full time? How many hours does the average job take?

Lots of questions, I know. I'm trying to learn a lot in a short timespan. Any help is very much appreciated.
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