Thoughts on Upwork

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Thoughts on Upwork

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Are many of you on Upwork?

I've always had a low opinion of Upwork, thinking it was filled with small businesses and entrepreneurs who were only willing to pay bottom-of-the-barrel wages in exchange for a TONNE of work, and for some, maybe that is the case.

But it also seems to be a great place to build a portfolio.

I'm in a copywriting group and someone mentioned Daniel Throssell and his course "Upwork in One Hour". I took it (it has more than an hour's worth of material but you can finish the core part in approximately an hour) and there are great gems in there for Upwork that can also be applied to any similar platform. It's a great course for someone just starting out.

I'm still new to Upwork and although I haven't finalized a contract there yet, I am getting enough responses to my proposals that it feels promising. Though one thing I have to say is, when you are building a portfolio, it's important not to be too tied to $$. At the early stages, I think it's more important to build portfolio pieces and get great reviews.

P.S. I'm not affiliated with the course in any way, but I do feel compelled to share it with folks who are interested in Upwork because it has helped me a lot.
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