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SEO Copywriting Tips For Sharper, More Effective Copy

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SEO Copywriting Tips For Sharper, More Effective Copy

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According to the article by https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo ... os/451801/ says that you can avoid common mistakes with these copywriting tips.

Target 2–3 Keywords Or Keyword Phrases: Focused copy is typically the best sales copy.
Break Up Your Copy: Large walls of words can be intimidating on a web page. So, try using graphic elements such as bulleted or numbers lists, pull quotes, ample images, etc
Keep Your Keywords On A Post-it Note: When writing copy with an SEO focus, it’s important to keep track of the words you are writing. Don't stuff the content with repetitive words and phrases. The copy must make sense to the end consumer.
Read The Copy Out Loud: Reading the copy aloud helps SEO specialists and Webmasters understand if the copy flows.
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