This could be the main reason your marketing emails get low open rates…

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This could be the main reason your marketing emails get low open rates…

Post by SARubin »

When I hear most email marketers talking about “open rates”, the biggest thing they talk about is the subject line.

I keep hearing “the subject line is the most important factor when it comes to open rates (assuming your email actually makes it to their inbox), because If the subject is compelling, then more people will open your email”.

And I guess that’s true enough…

But only a few of the brightest ever seem to talk about an equally important factor…

The senders name –

Ya know, the part that tells us who that email is from when we check our inbox?

When people opt-in to our email list they expect to get emails from “us”, not from some random person or company. They put their trust in us, and trust is a fragile thing these days.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve signed up for an email list, and then after a couple weeks the senders name changes.

I guess they think it’s a good idea to show that there are more people behind the scenes of the business?

But look, I’m busy. And when I don’t instantly recognize the person or company that your email came from, my first thought is it’s an unsolicited spam message.

Maybe I’ll take the time to open it… maybe not. It’s more likely to just get deleted without a second thought.

Simply put… If I do NOT instantly recognize the senders name when your email hits my inbox, you just dramatically hurt your chances of getting that email opened. (it’s not my job to remember who you are, or to figure out who this other person is. It’s your job to make sure that I know who that email is from)

So if you build your email list based on your personal brand, then the senders name should be you, or at least someone your audience instantly knows is directly associated with you.

If you build your list around a company brand then the senders name should be the company. (not some random member of your staff that isn’t immediately recognized by your recipients).

Anyway, that’s my early morning thought. It’s a thought that came to me while I was checking my email this morning (and deleting unrecognized senders without giving it a second thought)

What do you guys think about it?
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Re: This could be the main reason your marketing emails get low open rates…

Post by Sabrina11 »

nice post !
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