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A Sure Fire Email Template to Increase Conversions?

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A Sure Fire Email Template to Increase Conversions?

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The other day a young copywriter asked me for a "sure fire" email template to increase conversions from his list.

My first reaction was to sigh and gently shake my head from side to side.

Because when someone asks this type of question they're usually just looking for a magic bullet, or secret sauce that doesn't exist in the real world.

Experience teaches us when it comes to copywriting, one-size-does-not-fit-all.

There's too many other factors at play. And someone else's template won't necessarily give you the same results it got for them.

Of course my second reaction was to offer him a few tips.

And I thought I'd share a part of our conversation here, just in case someone else might find it useful too...

I haven't done a lot of email marketing lately but the psychology of a sale is the same now, as it was before email ever existed.

Bottom Line: It depends on what you're selling and, just as important, it depends on "why" they're on your list in the first place.

Despite what many so called gurus preach about always building relationships before trying to sell anything. It's just not always true.

My wife spends thousands of dollars at Amazon every year, and their marketing emails aren't trying to build a relationship.

The relationship was built when they proved reliable for 2 day delivery, and honor their "no question" return policy if a product doesn't work.

Amazon is not trying to be her friend, and they're not sending "valuable" insights about their niche. It's a buyer / seller relationship in its purest form.

If you're a retailer and people are on your list because they repeatedly buy from you, your email copy doesn't always need to be warm and fuzzy, or packed full of valuable information related to your niche.

Sometimes all we need is a message that says...
Hey [NAME],

Here's another great deal on something we know you'll love...


And the best part is, for the next 2 days we're putting it on sale just for you at a 25% discount!

On the other hand, some niches do require a more subtle approach to the sale. And it's better to send info, info, info, before making a pitch.

Sometimes it's about telling personal stories to build authentic rapport with your subscribers so they come to know, like and trust you. Then your sales pitch becomes more like making a suggestion to a friend.

The point is... The next time anyone asks you for a "sure fire" email template to increase conversions. (After you're done sighing and shaking your head from side-to-side)...

Start by asking them what they're selling... who they're selling to... and why, or how, those people ended up on your list in the first place.

Then you can give them personalized tips to help with their email copy.

Because while there are universal principles that apply to all selling, when it comes to copywriting, or sales in general, one size does not fit all.

Tip for the day...
A good marketer knows how to think like a marketer - A great marketer learns how to think like the customer...
SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Flow Specialist
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