hi there guys, just wanted a little feedback on my new email copy

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hi there guys, just wanted a little feedback on my new email copy

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SL:“ It sounds incredible that you can breath fresh air in summer WITHOUT open windows”

Hey {first name }

Living right above a busy street with open windows in summer can seem like an impossible dream. Apart from the noise, the dirt that gets into your home might drive you crazy.

But no open windows?
In summer?


Summer is supposed to be fun, but the reality? It's that time of year when you start feeling self-conscious about your personal scent and the overall smell in your home.

How? The combination of heat and humidity allows bacteria to grow faster and smells to travel farther, filling your home with unpleasant odors.

And if someone in your household is allergic to summer allergens like mold and ragweed pollen, it only gets worse.

You might think air fresheners could solve it…..not really.

They might temporarily mask bad smells, but eliminating the underlying cause of the odor is the real goal. And that can be attained naturally and with minimal use of chemicals.

That’s where Ecobreeze comes in, giving you all the fresh air you need in summer without driving you crazy. Here’ the magic:
Micro Filter: Removes dust and pollen.
Carbon Filter: Captures smelly odor molecules, just like water gets trapped in a sponge.
Fragrance Wick: Subtly fragrances the room with fresh, clean air.
But there’s more to the magic![ Click here to see by yourself.]
See ya👋
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