hey, need some solid feedback on my copy

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hey, need some solid feedback on my copy

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I've started copywriting this week and I've decided to write one email every day for 3 months to learn.
I've wrote this email about a home workout and calisthenics app.
would love to get some serious feedback and ways to improve my copywriting



there’s a common belief in our society that we need to go to gym to build muscle and get strong

but that’s not the only truth. anybody from anywhere being on any corner in the world can build muscle and get stronger.

Our muscles need resistance to grow and we can apply resistance from anywhere. our brain does not know if its coming from weights or from something else.

there are many ways to put resistance on our body like weight training,calisthenics and resistance bands,etc

In this email I'm talking about calisthenics.

Calisthenics is the art of building muscle using our own bodyweight.

and for this i want to introduce THE CALIBER.

the best and only home workout app you’ll ever need

This app offers scheduled home workouts for every level.so, you don’t need to worry about your difficulty level; it has an easier and harder progression for every exercise.

This app’s interface is the simplest you will ever see in any app.it gets straight to the workouts.

The app also has various calisthenics skills like handstand hold,handstand push ups,one arm push ups and many more advanced calisthenics skills that you can train for with just some space and THE CALIBER.

It has voice assistance to assist you during your workouts and it also tells you how to do the exercise and what the correct form is.

It can schedule and make workouts from your preferences like if your goal is to burn fat rather than muscle building it can set the workout according to fat burning.

The app is supported both on the android and IOS.

You can get a clean 15% discount on your first 3 month subscription by using the code “ KALLU15 “ before midnight of monday i.e 25th june.

Download your app from here and build the aesthetic body from the comfort of your home.

thank you.
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