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Mobile use remains the norm

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Mobile use remains the norm

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You need reliable data to make relevant business decisions every day so that you can increase your revenue and your return on investment. Here are six of the key principles to follow to ensure healthy data flows through your organization. 1. Check the accuracy of your audience measurements on your analytics solution Certified measurement  : Make sure your analytics solution providers are fully certified by the four main EU organisations: ACPM and Médiamétrie (France) and ABC (UK) and SKO/NOBO (Holland). Make sure your analytics business is compliant with applicable EU data protection laws. Identified (and excluded) bot traffic  : Bots can account for more than half of all your web traffic. So to isolate your actual traffic volume, work with an experienced digital analytics provider who can identify and eliminate bot traffic crawling your sites.

Full transparency on algorithm calculations  : Do you really know what is going on in your provider's algorithm and how its metrics are created, no matter how complex? 2. Check the completeness of your data collection Data control procedures  : Make sure you have access to simple quality control and reliable tagging. Regular protocols such as automatic tests allow you to verify the presence of all tags and guarantee totally reliable data. Complete tagging audits  : Your supplier should have the tools to simplify your tag audits. An essential feature if you regularly update your site or applications. No Data Sampling  : Your computed data should be fully available, with no depth limits, no sampling in collection. An SLA contract guaranteeing a high collection rate  :  You must obtain a complete SLA (Service Level Agreement) ensuring the quality of the email list service. It should cover collection, SaaS interface availability, data recovery time guarantees, and support response time.

The domain first measure to bypass adblockers  : By collecting and sending data directly through your own domain name, tracking scripts are not disabled, recovering most of the traffic lost as a result of use of adblockers. 3. Ensure the integrity of your data by constant cleaning Accessible and well-formatted data  :  Ensure that you are capturing your data exactly as intended. By testing how your data is retrieved and presented, you ensure that your values ​​display correctly on your interface. Correct and verified values  : Be certain that no technical element during collection can alter the accuracy of the figures in your analysis. Tagging customization tools  : By defining custom data processing rules, you can correct errors due to tagging issues, enrich collected data, and exclude unwanted traffic.
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