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The Power of Words...

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The Power of Words...

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I want you to think about words for a minute. I mean really think about them.

Those symbols and vibrations that transmit an idea from one person to another.

A message that flashes across your screen. A group of letters scribbled on a piece of paper, waiting to be decoded by anyone who understands what they mean.

Even if you usually take them for granted, like some temporary distraction or background noise, when you really start to think about the true power of words and how they infect entire populations with ideas, you may begin to see words as the basis for civilization as we know it.

Because the truth is, words have the power to change your entire life in the blink of an eye.

First I just need to use the right words to get your attention...

... and then I've got you.

I call out your name from across a crowded room, and without hesitation you instantly look to see who finds you so important.

I offer you entertainment when you're bored, and a burning impulse rises up, and you don't even try to resist taking a peek behind the curtain.

I offer you security when you're afraid, and you'll follow me into the valley of safety. Never contemplating the long term consequence of your obedience.

Once I have you I'm free to lead you in any direction I want you to go.

And you see it only works because nearly every single person is preoccupied with their own little orbit of reality. The world revolves around the illusion of how you fit into the bigger picture.

Even for all your proclamations of free will - when the hook I use brings you into my orbit, you can't even imagine what it means to not pay attention to the next thing I say.

Of course it's not your fault. Society made you this way. You've been molded to fit a certain norm.

A media star tells you to look a certain way and you agree. An authority figure tells you how things work and you start doing things that way.

And because of this, because all you can do is react to the reality that someone else creates for you, a skilled manipulator can reach out and touch you anywhere, anytime.

Just like I'm reaching out and touching you, right now.

And when you leave this page, when you go back to your own daily rituals and routines. will you forget everything you just learned here? Or has a seed of thought been planted that will cast a shadow, however small, on everything you do from this point forward.

Thought for the day...
A good marketer knows how to think like a marketer - A great marketer learns how to think like the customer...
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Re: The Power of Words...

Post by Franklin »

Your thought for the day seems a bit dark. Are you feeling OK?
Choose your words wisely because what you say is not always what the other person hears
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