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How do I add a signature in my profile?

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How do I add a signature in my profile?

Post by Stardust »

How do I add a signature in my profile and have it show up under my posts?

I don’t see anywhere to add it. Thank you.
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Re: How do I add a signature in my profile?

Post by SARubin »

Hey Stardust,

Forum signatures are earned by contributing useful posts to the forums.

Because signatures are allowed to have an active link in them (a link to your own personal website) we need to attach some type of spam deterrent to using them.

Making them an earned option helps keep the spammers from registering an account just to post a link in their signature.

We might eventually make it a paid option so members can buy the right to add one to their posts (haven’t decided on a price yet, but it’ll probably be around $10?) We’re not trying to make a lot of money from them, we just want to deter the spammers, but right now the only way to pay for them is with community rep.

Your signature is available once you have at least 50 approved posts.

When you’ve built up enough credits in your account, just let us know you’d like a signature and we’ll get you set up right away. When you do, you’ll see a new field in your personal user control panel where you can add your signature.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

All the best,

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