5 questions you should ask before hiring a Copywriter

Foundational copywriting concepts
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5 questions you should ask before hiring a Copywriter

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Question 1

What is your copywriting style?

Broadly speaking, there are 3 styles of copywriting: direct response copy, informative or value copy, and strategic copy.

And you must choose the copywriter according to your specific needs.

Try to look for “direct response” copy only when you have the need to sell exclusively.

What is Direct Response? A direct response copywriter is able to write a text in a persuasive way and makes it possible for whoever reads those words to feel understood and take immediate action.

So… you may be wondering… “And how do you know if it is direct response copy?” Asking them to show you their portfolio or recent work.

You will realize just by reading their texts if they convince you or not.

Question 2

What is the digital marketing strategy you use for your brand or service?

The one that says Copywriting is NOT related to digital marketing and Digital Marketing does NOT include persuasive writing. He is lying to you or he has no idea of the joint work that is implicitly related in these 2 activities.

Whoever says that they are two completely separate and distinct disciplines is only an excuse to do a half-assed job.

A strategic copywriter, unlike a direct response copywriter, must know digital marketing to provide a comprehensive solution to the needs of your business.

and because?

Imagine that you go to a mechanic because your car breaks down.

What would happen if there was a mechanic for the battery, another for the water pump, another for the oil, another for the engine, etc?

In that case you should be a fortune teller to know which mechanic to take your car to.

The same thing happens with the copy. A direct response copywriter will only write you persuasive copy, but they won't understand your marketing strategy as a whole unless they are part of your company.

So, if you want to hire a copywriter, you must make sure that he understands digital marketing strategies to provide better solutions to your needs.

Question 3

Who inspires you when it comes to copywriting?

The name you will get from the vast majority is John Carlton, Gary Halbert and Jon Benson, Gary Bencivenga, Maïder Tomasena, Javi Pastor, Isra Bravo...

This question has to do with the knowledge that the copywriter has and the bases of it.

Question 4

How do you make sure you access the LATEST trends in copywriting and sales strategies?

What you should be looking for here is someone who follows the latest market trends and gives you names of the current best sellers in the digital world.

A current example is Romuald Fons who sells with SEO strategies

Question 5

How do you measure the conversion of your texts?

This is the only question that must be blunt to make a final decision.

If a copywriter has no idea how to measure the results of persuasive texts, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to offer you a reliable result.
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