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About the books listed here

Some of the greatest copywriting books ever written
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About the books listed here

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Inside this forum is a list of some of the greatest copywriting books ever written.

If you read, and understand them, they can provide you with deep learning into the fundamentals of brilliant copywriting and consumer psychology.

The books listed here have been recommended by many of the greatest copywriters who ever lived, and have been read and recommended by everyone who took part in creating this copywriters community.

What this page does not have is the latest flavor of the month copywriting book, from the latest “copy and paste” copywriter.

We’ll be sure to add more to this list (time permitting with our busy schedules) But if you study just the books listed here… you’ll be miles ahead of 90% of the people calling themselves copywriters, today.

Note: When applicable we may post a link to where you might find the book. None of these links are affiliate links. We make no money if you purchase any of these books. We just think these are some of the best copywriting books ever written. You can click the links and purchase these books directly from Amazon if you want. Or you can borrow them from our private library for free when you become a member of our back room inner circle…
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