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The Robert Collier Letter Book

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The Robert Collier Letter Book

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The Robert Collier Letter Book is nearly 100 years old. And while some of the language is a bit old fashioned, the bulk of this book goes straight to the heart of what makes good sales copy connect with people.

This was possibly the first book that ever talked about why you should always start your ads by entering the conversation already going on inside the mind of your reader.

Simply put…Your readers are busy with their own lives. They have their own hopes, fears, and desires that take up the bulk of their daily thoughts.

Nobody asked you to interrupt their day with your sales pitch. And you’ll have more success with your advertising if you spend a week learning to care about your audience, than if you spend a year trying to get them to care about you and your offer.

Even today, many copywriters talk about this concept as if it were a brand new revelation.

And while a lot of other copywriting books talk about understanding your audience… If you want to see where most of that wisdom started, then The Robert Collier Letter Book is a must have book for your library.
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