Clicker Email Top 10 CB Offer (Feedback)

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Clicker Email Top 10 CB Offer (Feedback)

Post by LucasCepeda »

Hi guys and girls!

I hope it's ok for me to keep posting my work here.
If it's becoming too much (admin) let me know.

Today I wrote another promo swipe for a top 10 clickbank offer.
It's a clicker email.

Any thoughts?

SL: This "SN Mix" In Your Soup Melted 12.2 Pounds Of FAT In Just 7 Days (See How)
SL: Drink This "Soup" And Watch Your Body Melt 12.2 Pounds Of Fat In Just 7 Days! (Must Watch)
SL: Put These "super nutrients" In Your Soup & Watch Your Body Burn 13.2 Pounds Of Fat! (It Works!)

Email #1:

Dear friend,

I have to share this amazing recently discovered "soup ritual" with you...

==>> Drink This "Soup" And Watch Your Body Melt 12.2 Pounds Of Fat In Just 7 Days

This soup contains a handful of little-known "super nutrients" that, when you drink it...

- kills your food cravings...
- eliminates your mindless snacking
- and destroys emotional eating!

It's so delicious and effective that...

Jessica, a 53-year-old-mom from Virginia, used it to go from a
size 18 to a size 10 without any dietary changes or exercise...

A 68-year-old grandmother used it to lose 12.2 pounds in just 7 days...

And Dr. Qureshi used to lose 13.2 pounds in just 4 weeks.

==> This "super nutrients" mixed with your soup burned 12.2 pounds in 7 days!

To your success,
Marta Slim
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