looking for some solid critique

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looking for some solid critique

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the target audience are the people who work out at home and have hit a plateau. So in this copy I'm offering weight vest as a solution to it.



Oftentimes in our muscle building journey we get stuck in a plateau. The growth seems very little.

Being a calisthenics athlete I also got stuck at a plateau after some time of working out. Then I did some research and found out something interesting.

Let me share it with you.
Our brain cells called neurons are the one that tells our body to start protein synthesis to build muscle and as we all know our body gets adapted to something very quickly. The new things doesn’t affect it much after sometime.
And so there are some ways to break the plateau
1. Increase reps – start doing more reps per sets or increase the number of sets per exercise.
2. Decrease rest time – take shorter rests between the sets and exercises to get our body under more stress.
3. Increase difficulty – choose a higher or more difficult progressions of the exercise. Increasing the weight can be the solution in the gym but at home this one seems a bit problematic. But don’t worry I have a solution to this.

The Heria weight vest is a vest with weights that will help you break all your plateaus and make 7x faster progress towards your fitness goal.
The benefits it packs are

Portable weights - the vest comes with 16 portable weights ( 8 on the front and 8 on the back) and you can adjust the weight according to your level. You just have to open the packet and remove or put it inside.
Increased strength - having a weight vest on can increase the intensity and difficulty of any exercise and you can make more gains with the same exercise and get stronger without doing 100s of reps of one single exercise.
Comfortable strap - the removal strap of the HERIA WEIGHT VEST is very smooth, comfortable and easy on your skin. The strap is very adjustable so anybody with any body shape can wear it comfortably and make the gains.
Burns more calories - having more weight on your body will increase the resistance and you will burn even more calories not just during the exercises but also in rest because the weight will be on.
Convenient to use - after wearing the vest it becomes a part of your body and so you can do any movement whilst wearing it and you don’t have to adjust it every minute.

You can get the HERIA WEIGHT VEST at a whooping 45% discount by using the code “CODE45” before 30th June.

HURR! The stock is limited, and we get sold out very quickly.

Grab your weight vest here and break all the limits
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