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Forum rules

Community rules, etiquette, decorum... and some other stuff
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Forum rules

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I never liked rules. They tend to be authoritarian, oppressive, and they stifle creativity.

But they do serve a purpose, because without them there would be anarchy (in forum terms anarchy means uncontrolled spam and trolling) That’s why rules are necessary.

So with that in mind, here’s the base rules for hanging out here and being a part of this community…

1. Be respectful of other members

Do not harass, personally attack, blackmail, spam or bully members. If you have a problem with anyone, take it up with them privately. No naming or shaming here since there’s always three sides to every story. (your side, their side, and the truth that usually lies somewhere in the middle)

That doesn’t mean you can’t call someone out if they say something stupid. But just remember, we all have different levels of expertise and experience. So if anybody says something that’s totally wrong, let them know it, and explain “why” it’s wrong (without calling them derogatory names)

2. Don’t spam the community

I like spam, but only the edible kind that comes in a can, or when it’s part of a Monty Python skit.

But posting spam on this site is never going to be allowed.

If you post blatant spam (like a comment with no redeeming value just for the sake of posting a link, or increasing your post count) then your post will be deleted, and any credit for the post will also be deleted. If you make a habit out of posting spam your account will be banned. (you may, or may not get a warning. Depending on how blatant the spam post is)

If you post subtle spam (valuable content, but you try to slip in a promotional link) then your post will probably remain but the link will be removed.

Links are allowed in your post as long as they are relevant to the topic, provide value, and are NOT blatantly self promotional or spammy.

No affiliate links are allowed in any posts! If you post an affiliate link it will be deleted as soon at we spot it.

3. Contributing to the Forum

When you first join the community you are unknown to us, so your first few posts may be moderated before they appear on this site. After you’ve proven to post useful or relevant content your posts will no longer be held in moderation before they appear.

Adult language will not be censored on these forums. So if your sensibilities are hurt by the occasional “4 letter word” you will not find a safe space here. This does not mean it’s OK to make an entire post full of curse words and obscene language just to make yourself sound cool or edgy (in reality, it usually just makes you sound foolish).

Excessive use of curse words, capitalization, special characters, images, etc. may result in editing or deletion by a moderator or admin.

Each member of this community has the right, and is encouraged to report inappropriate content. Reporting a post does not automatically mean it will be deleted, it only means we will look into it and make a decision on whether or not to allow the post.

We retain the right to move topics to more suitable sub forums where applicable.

Posts should add value to the relevant discussion. Don’t post meaningless replies just to increase your post count.

Links are allowed in your post as long as they are relevant to the topic, provide value, and are NOT blatantly self promotional. (See rule #2)
Affiliate links are not allowed in any posts.

Excessive consecutive posts in a single thread by the same author may be merged into one post.


These rules may be updated from time to time as new insight becomes available, and it’s up to you to check this page for any updates.

Violation of any of these rules by a user can result in consequence from a warning, up to permanent account suspension. The course of action will depend upon the severity of the situation, the nature of the violation, and past behavior.