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Looking For A Content Writer!

Post by CWF-Admin »

If you're a quality content writer, or just a newbie writer who takes a even little bit of pride in your work, then this could be a great, and profitable, long-term opportunity for you!

Right now we're looking for 1 or 2 writers who can add content to this forum.

- You don't need to have a ton of experience

- You don't need to have a huge portfolio of past work

- And you don't need any references

All you need is the ability to write, the ability to express your ideas clearly, and the willingness to be helpful.

If that's you, then we should connect.

Here's the deal...

We're looking for 1 or 2 writers (new or experienced) who have integrity and a genuine interest in a long term, profitable, relationship.
Writers who can post regularly on this forum. (Start new topics, answer old topics, engage in conversations, write articles about writing and the "writers life", etc.)

This will be a paid position for short form, and long form, writing!

But we're not going to hand you any cash money until you show us what you can do.

Sorry, but we've been screwed over too many times by people who take our money, spin something through a cheap content spinner, and then disappear. This time we're looking for honest people with integrity.

But...we are going to pay you because nobody expects you to work for free.

The first payment you're going to receive, right after you register a username on this forum, is you get to put a link in your personal profile page that can point to any portfolio, social profile, or webpage that you own.


You only need to have 10 approved posts on this forum for your next payment.
After 10 approved posts you get to add a listing in our writers for hire section.

This gives you the opportunity to have a full classified ad promoting your writing services, on a website that receives up to 200 visitors a day from folks interested in writing, and business owners looking to find a writer.

The next writer they find could be you.

And your first 10 posts don't need to be long or deep for you to earn your free classified listing. They just need to be relevant to the topic.
Or you can start a new topic. The choice is yours.

After you've written you first 10 posts, and we get an idea of what your writing looks like, we can have a chat and see if we both have similar long term goals.

If you're a good fit, that'll be great. And we can talk about your first cash money paid writing gig.

If we're not a good fit, there's no hard feelings, it just means it didn't work out.
And no matter what happens, you'll still have a quality backlink to your own profile, from a website that has a great reputation with Google in the copywriting niche.

So that's the deal...
A tiny bit of writing from you now (which is what we writers do anyway) to show what you can do.

And in return, you get more exposure and authority as a writer, and some backlinks that Google pays attention to, for your own personal portfolio.

And the possibility of paid writing gigs starting as soon as next week.

All you need to do right now is register a username... contribute 10 posts to this forum... and then PM me to let me know you're interested in getting paid for your writing.

We're looking forward to having you join our team...
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Re: Looking For A Content Writer!

Post by jefferman2022 »

Hi friend, I am interested in this opportunity. Is the position still available?
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