Need help in persuasive content/email writing

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Need help in persuasive content/email writing

Post by Househelp »

Hello my skilled writers!

I am looking for some help. I am not the best at writing persuasive emails or content. I am changing my career from a massage therapist to a real estate investor. I will have ongoing opportunities to use your services.

I am not writing blogs. I need help with emails, business persuasive writing situations, sales, marketing, content for my business offers, etc.

Here is the type of person I am. I am spiritual, empathic, non judgemental, easy going, open minded, and independent. I am a music snob, foodie, and I love art. I also have a professional/technical side where I do autoCAD drafting. I would like the writing to express a little bit of my personality. I would also like the writing to be a little witty.

My goal is to help people solve their housing problems and make money in the process.

If you think we could be a good match please contact me.
I look forward to connecting with you and reading some of your work.

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Re: Need help in persuasive content/email writing

Post by jordan.akin »

Hi, I’ve recently been looking for some copywriting work and I came across you and I feel we would work quite well together, we have similar interests and I’m very eager to get working. You can email me at to get started or any other means of contact. Thanks.
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Mubarak mahruf
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Re: Need help in persuasive content/email writing

Post by Mubarak mahruf »

Hi Karen,

Your transition from massage therapy to real estate investing is truly inspiring! I'm thrilled at the prospect of infusing your unique personality into persuasive emails and content that resonate with your audience.

Your spiritual, empathic, and easy-going nature will undoubtedly set the tone for a refreshing approach in the real estate realm. I envision weaving a touch of wit into your messages, making them engaging and relatable.

As a music snob, foodie, art enthusiast, and AutoCAD drafting expert, your diverse interests provide a rich tapestry for crafting compelling narratives. Let's collaborate to showcase your passion and professionalism, guiding people to solve housing problems while maximizing profits.

I'm eager to connect and discuss how we can elevate your real estate journey through impactful writing. Looking forward to the opportunity!

You can reply to this message for more discussion or Contact me here on this 👉
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