3 Call To Action Copywriting Tips That Will Drive Sales

If it's about getting people to "Directly Respond" to your copy, with the action you want them to take, this is the place for it
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3 Call To Action Copywriting Tips That Will Drive Sales

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3 CTA Copywriting Tips That Will Drive Conversions and Sales

What makes customers click an ad or click the buy now button on your website?

Call to actions in copywriting, aka CTAs, are the words that prompt users to sign up for your email list, buy your product, or engage with your brand.

Whether you're writing emails, sales letters, or SEO content, writing effective CTAs is an important skill for you to have.

Using the right CTA can make your marketing a success. While using the wrong CTA can stop a customer from buying your products.

Below are 3 CTA copywriting tips you can use to increase conversions

1. Minimize Risk

One reason people do not buy is lack of trust trust. People might not trust your brand, your website, or even trust if the product will work for them.

One way to build trust is to surround your CTA with social proof. For example, you can place testimonials from real customers explaining the benefits and real life results of your product.

Social proof is one way to give your customer confidence that your product or service works for others and it may work for them too.

If you are only starting out and don't have any testimonials from customers yet, you can also build trust if you add statements like:

100% money back guarantee -> This gives customers comfort that if the product doesn't work for them they will get a full refund.

Free trial - No credit card required -> This lets your customer try it before they buy and gives them a chance to own the product without risk. Then if it works for them they pay for the full version.

These statements can minimize risk and ensure users don't chicken out at the final moment before clicking your CTA.

2. Make Your Call to Action Intention-Based

In simple terms, you have to match the customer where they are at the moment they arrive at your CTA.

For example, if someone is reading your email and you tell them to "buy now" they might hesitate because they are not at the buying stage. But, if your CTA says "discover more" they are more likely to click the link, and once they are on your landing page you can sell them with the "buy now" CTA.

Match your CTA to the medium your customer is on, and to the stage of the funnel where your customer is at.

3. Result Based CTA

The result based CTA describes what will happen next instead of the action you want them to take.

Instead of asking your customer to take an action, you are letting them know what result they will get after they click.
  • Instead of saying "sign up for our newsletter" - you can say "get your first bonus now".
  • Instead of saying "Buy this money making product" - you can say "Get started making more money".
  • Instead of saying "buy now" - you can say "get [result] now".
Writing a great call to action is about providing enough value to your readers. without scaring them away by being too aggressive.

Using the 3 CTA copywriting tips above can help you increase conversions and drive more sales.
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Re: 3 Call To Action Copywriting Tips That Will Drive Sales

Post by Copyking »

These are very good tips that will be helpful to many people.
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