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B2B writer with no experience

At least say hello
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B2B writer with no experience

Post by copyzoid »

Hello everyone, my name is Ben and I am an aspiring B2B copywriter. I am very glad for this opportunity to be able to learn from those with experience. I look forward to any and all feedback that would allow me to grow and lockdown my first client. As I am sure you know, the first client is always the hardest. Thank you very much and I cannot wait to start sharing my success stories with you all.
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Re: B2B writer with no experience

Post by Franklin »

Welcome to the forum copyzoid. Happy to have you here.
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Re: B2B writer with no experience

Post by Wordsmith »

Hello Ben,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm looking forward to those stories.
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Re: B2B writer with no experience

Post by SARubin »

Welcome to the wonderful world of copywriting Ben,

This site is all about helping aspiring copywriters, like you, learn and grow.
let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,
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