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Drowning girl is begging for help

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Owoborode M.R
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Drowning girl is begging for help

Post by Owoborode M.R »

Hello great copy god's

I'm happy to be here, among great mind

I'm new here, and I stumbled on this forum while roaming on the street of Google seeking for help :oops:

I know you are wondering why I am seeking for help

Here's why and here's my story

I started my Copywriting journey since the beginning of 2022 and it was an amazing experience

But my progress has been slowed down like a snail because I don't have great minds (like you)to give me honest to God feedback on my copy

That's why I said in my subject line "drowning girl begging for help"

Please I'll be glad if you can be of help, in fact I'll work with you for free, in exchange

I have the desire to be master at this craft (Copywriting) and believe I'll be great here,

Please I look forward to hear from you all

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Owoborode M.R
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Re: Drowning girl is begging for help

Post by Franklin »

Hello Owoborode M.R
Welcome to the copywriters forum :)/

We have members here who will help you swim in the deep waters of the copywriting ocean.

You are not alone anymore, and if you have copy you would like reviewed you can post it in our copy reviews and feedback section here

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Re: Drowning girl is begging for help

Post by SARubin »

Welcome to the forum Owoborode M.R,
We're happy to have you join us.

You mention you'd like some feedback. Are you currently working on a project that you need help with?
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SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Flow Expert
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Re: Drowning girl is begging for help

Post by WordyWordpecker »

Welcome to the forum :)/
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