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Morning (or afternoon, or evening!) All

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Morning (or afternoon, or evening!) All

Post by michaelcharris »

Hello everyone! My names Michael, I’m 24 & I live in the UK. I’ve been freelance writing on/off for about 6 years now, never really committing to it full time because of the financial implications etc. but looking to take the next step & hoping some of the help/advice on these forums can give me that push I need.

It’s a pleasure to virtually meet you all, hopefully we can all inspire each other in some way or another :)
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Re: Morning (or afternoon, or evening!) All

Post by Franklin »

Hello Michael :)/
Welcome to the forums, happy to have you here.

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Re: Morning (or afternoon, or evening!) All

Post by SARubin »

Welcome to the copywriters forum, Michael.
Feel free to have a look around, there's lots of good stuff here posted by some of the members.

All the best,
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