The crucial ingredient to winning sales copy

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The crucial ingredient to winning sales copy

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What are the ingredients for great sales copy?

Of course we need essentials like
  • a great hook
  • a great offer
  • an attention grabbing headline
  • a compelling call to action
  • etc. etc. etc.

But all these things revolve around, and are influenced by, the first essential ingredient

Without this one thing all your formulas, formatting and fancy words will fall flatter than a piece of roadkill under the wheels of a tractor-trailer truck.
(wow, that sentence was a mouthful wasn't it?)

So what is the first essential ingredient to all winning sales copy...?

First, and foremost...

Know your reader!

Know where they hang out and what they're interested in.

If you're advertising a product that's perfect for 30 year old women, don't go scattershot with facebook ads across the stratosphere. We want our ads showing up in the groups where 30 year old women hang out.

If you're selling shoes, it's no good advertising running shoes to people with no feet. Sure, you might sell a couple pair but you'll waste a lot of time and money going after the wrong market with the wrong message.

Once we know who our ideal target market is, then we can hang out in their world for a little while.
We can start by just observing for clues and patterns, and then we can ask a few questions once we grasp the insider lingo.

That's how we do it!

When we understand our prospects world it becomes so much easier to bridge the gap between our offer and their desire, and sometimes our copy practically writes itself.

Anyway, that was my thought for the day...
A good marketer knows how to think like a marketer - A great marketer learns how to think like the customer...
SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Flow Specialist
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