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Headline Lengths

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Headline Lengths

Post by SARubin »

In my experience, short headlines often work better. I guess it because they have a better chance of catching the short attention span of skimmers (especially in our ADHD society)

But there's a caveat...

We should never sacrifice clarity for brevity.

If you can squeeze a curiosity factor, a little news worthiness, and some self interest into a short 5 word headline, then I don't see any reason not to try it.
But no matter what, we always need to express a solid hook, even if it takes 20 or 30 words to do it.

Of course if we're limited by number of characters (like email subject lines, PPC ads, etc) then there's not much we can do except work with the limitations we have.

But on a full length sales page never sacrifice clarity for brevity
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Re: Headline Lengths

Post by WordyWordpecker »

I agree that short headlines are easier to read. But then I look at some of John Carltons headlines and some of them are almost as long as a paragraph. His one legged golfer ad had a headline that's 29 words long.
I guess it's not how long that matters but how POWERFUL that counts!
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Re: Headline Lengths

Post by londonprince »

Facts, I actually like long headlines. I feel you can fit more information in.
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