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Here's an interesting case study on headlines...

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Here's an interesting case study on headlines...

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If you’re a content creator or copywriter this may be useful to you.

BuzzSumo looked at 100 million headlines that were shared across the internet, and tried to analyze what the most shared headlines had in common

It mostly looks at headlines for articles and other content across social media. But some of the insights apply to sales copy too.

Keep in mind this is only about headlines, so it's not the holy gospel of good writing. Because it doesn't take into account the rest of the copy.

In other words... Clickbait headlines might get you clicks, but the rest of the copy needs to be useful if we want people to actually read it and respond to it. But it's still a pretty insightful case study.

Here's a link to the full article...

https://buzzsumo.com/resources/hundred- ... tudy/view/
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Re: Here's an interesting case study on headlines...

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This is a very good article about headlines, thank you.
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