Rant – Most Copywriting Courses Are Useless – Here’s The Truth…

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Rant – Most Copywriting Courses Are Useless – Here’s The Truth…

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Over the past couple decades aspiring copywriters have been blessed with a wealth of information on the fundamental princi­ples of copywriting. From books and courses, to seminars and web sites, not to mention all the so called gooroos promising that if you just put certain words in a ceratin order, you’ll have great copy that will sell.

Unfortunately, I estimate around 75% – 80% (rough estimate) of the books and courses I’ve seen are spewed from people repeating stuff they heard somewhere, from someone, who heard it somewhere else.

On top of that… Much of the “me too” info on the internet has led to the propagation of mind numbing “me too” sales copy spreading across the internet like a disease.

You know me, and you know I have far too much love and respect for the power of the written word, for me to not have some thoughts on this subject.

So here we are…

In all fairness, I praise companies like AWAI for teaching so many people the fundamentals of effective copy.

And in all fairness, I also condemn companies like AWAI for selling the tooth fairy dream of making 6 figures, within 6 months, working only a couple hours a day.

Sure, it could happen. And you could also win $1,000,000 playing the lottery.

The fact that it’s possible is why so many people buy into that pipe dream.

Anyway, I have every reason to believe I’ll be bashed by a few cynics for what I’ve said here today. And I might even criticize my own words when I come back to read them in a couple weeks. But my hope is these words will connect with at least a few people and help them to understand the salesmanship part of good copywriting.

It’s not all about you and your product. And it’s not all about using tricky words to manipulate people into buying stuff.

It is about your audience, and how your product or service fits into the story of your customers life. (the story they’re telling themselves about their own life)

So go ahead and read the classic copywriting books. Go ahead and take the copywriting courses. Go ahead and study winning sales pieces.

All of those things might help you expand your skills.

But when you’re ready to become great at copywriting…

1. Become a student of human nature.

2. Learn fundamental sales principles that have proven themselves over decades.

3. Implement what you’ve learned and gain real world experience by selling something !
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