What is a landing page?

Landing pages, Opt-in pages, Sales pages, etc. If it's written to get visitors to take action, and it's on a website, then this is the place to talk about it
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What is a landing page?

Post by ErnieRomero »

I see many definitions of landing page from different sources. Can someone tell me true definition.
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Re: What is a landing page?

Post by SARubin »

Yeah, Ernie,

I’ve seen a lot of different definitions (depending on who you listen to) of what a “landing page” is supposed to be.

Some say it’s an opt-in page where people first come to enter your funnel… some say it’s a sales page that people land on after they click your advertisement… Some say it’s an article or blog post page that brings people to your site and introduces them to your business (as in “inbound” marketing)…

I don’t know why a lot of gooroos on the internet need to complicate things (maybe they’re trying to sound more important than they are, so they can sell you their expertise?) But I think there’s enough information overload on the internet to last a lifetime. (So let me just add a little more to the mix for you… 😉 )

I’m going to give you my definition of a landing page, and you can decide for yourself if it makes sense to you…

As far as I’m concerned, a “landing page” is whatever page people land on when they visit your site.

If they click an ad that brings them to a page on your site, then that page is the “landing” page for that visitor.

If they find a post or article you wrote listed in a search engine, and they click it and land on your site… Then that post is your landing page for that visitor.

What I’m saying is… a landing page is whatever page a visitor lands on when they hit your site. Hence the term “Landing Page.”

Sounds simple enough to me… What do you think?

All the best,

One final thought… That’s why it’s a good idea to make every page valuable whenever possible. Because you never really know which page someone will land on first.
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Re: What is a landing page?

Post by Franklin »

Yep, a landing page is whatever page they land on when they hit your site.
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Re: What is a landing page?

Post by sauravkhdoolia »

Yeah, I really liked the idea of @SARubin.

Still, A landing page in my knowledge is a page where your leads or the people [YOU want to visit your site] came to visit.

It may be a page like:
  • yoursite.com/landing-page
  • yoursite.com
  • yoursite.com/blog/anypost or even that whole blog page
  • sometimes e-mails are landing pages too, may be a cold one.[NOT REALLY]
Thoughts will be appreciated.

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