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Basic Fundamentals For Quality Content Writing

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Basic Fundamentals For Quality Content Writing

Post by AnnieJ »

The internet is full of too much content, and it can lead to content overload. But one thing there is not too much of is good content. When you write good quality content you put yourself ahead of the mass.

Writing quality content is not always a simple task. You need to write posts that are useful and informative, but that also keep your readers engaged. If the content that you write is really fascinating or useful then your readers might share that content on social, and it can go viral.

Here are a few basic tips to write reader-friendly useful content.

Is Your Content Unique And Original
When writing content you should always try to write one of a kind and unique content. This is not easy to do with so many others writing about the same things as you, but at least try to take what others are saying and put your own unique twist to it.

If you only copy what others are writing then you will only be more noise in the content overload. Plus Google is getting better in distinguishing copied content from original, and if Google finds your content to be duplicate then it will not show up on the search engine.

Use Sections In Your Content
Every article your write should have only one main theme to it. There can be subtopics but they should all add up to the one main idea.

You should write your content in sections to allow for easier skimming and reading. Each section should have a main thought or fundamental subject but they should all revolve around the big idea. You can help your readers to get a handle on the fundamental thought of each section by using headings and subheadings.

Utilize Images And Optimize Them
For making your content user friendly it helps to add pictures in your content to make it more appealing and eye catching.

Images should be optimized so they don’t slow down the load time of your web page. You can compress them to make them a smaller file size without losing quality, and adding keyword rich alt-tags to pictures also helps search engines index your content for better placement.

These are some of the basic fundamentals for writing reader friendly and SEO friendly content. When you write good content you will stand above many other blogs and articles on the internet.
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Re: Basic Fundamentals For Quality Content Writing

Post by Jasper »

These are some nice tips. Google also looks for good and original content. If you want to rank in google you should follow these tips
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Re: Basic Fundamentals For Quality Content Writing

Post by ErnieRomero »

Thank you for this post. To add even more value to your post, here are 3 mistakes that can harm your SEO and should be avoided!

1. Spun content
Auto-generated content that has been created through an article spinner will be made up of copied contents that have a few random words of text changed to make the content unique. Most spun content does not make any sense to a reader because the sentences lose structure and context.

2. Scraped content
Scraping content from other sites on the web, and pasting it to your site to fill your blog with content is not good practice. Google will see it as duplicate content and will not show your site on first pages for your keywords. It is worth it to create your own original content that will set your website apart from other similar sites on the web.

3. Keyword stuffing
This is when content is stuffed full of keywords with the intent to manipulate the Google’s search ranking results. Keyword stuffing is bad for the reader because the content will look unnatural and becomes boring to read. It is bad for search ranking because Google will not rank content that is written with keyword stuffing.

I hope this was helpful enough to add to this topic
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Re: Basic Fundamentals For Quality Content Writing

Post by Franklin »

I saw another forum where someone asked what’s the best article spinner available.
My thinking is that they shouldn’t even be using an article spinner to begin with.

I have used article spinners in the past and I always ended up spending more time editing the finished article then if I just wrote them myself.
yeah sure, I was able to create a lot of articles… I could create like 50 articles in a day, but the readers were not buying anything after reading those articles, so how useful was it ?

Even the backlinks I was getting from those articles were low quality backlinks.

All article spinners did for me was make me think about how many alternatives can I use for this word or that word, but they don’t write for quality context or reader impact.

I would rather have 5 high quality articles that get my readers to buy, or at least share me on social media… then 50 articles that make me and my site look low quality.

That’s my 2 cents.
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